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Bau's Backyard Pack

Day Play, Long Stays and Overnight Care

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"My dog loves staying with Maddi and Jordan and adores playing with her dogs (Zap is his best friend). Maddi sends me pictures and updates daily and Theodore is always so well adjusted and happy when he gets home to me. It's such a comfort to know I can go away and leave my dog safe and happy with Maddi and Jordan."

- Emily and Theodore

Overnight & Long Stay 

Bau's Backyard Pack offers bespoke home care for your canines with a focus on incorporating them into a family dynamic for the duration of their stay. Working with your pet to make sure they are comfortable, active and accommodated for in all their needs is our focus. We regard every animal as an individual with their own way of life and helping them to feel respected in their lifestyle while away from home is important to us. 

Our own canine family members, Zap and Bella, are experienced in assisting with training and socialising other dogs through our training programs and are instrumental in helping our guests feel at home. We take animal interactions very seriously and believe it is important not to rush through experiences, but let the dogs set the pace. 

Throughout your dog's stay they will enjoy socialising with Zap and Bella as well as with other appropriately matched guests. An active and consistent daily routine is important for our two, and we encourage our guests to join in activities in our generously sized backyard during our daily play sessions. 

As experienced dog trainers and handlers working in daycare, kennel and grooming situations we are well versed in animal first aid, active supervision, animal psychology and communication and management of animal groups. 

We are passionate about animal care and realise the importance of helping pets feel comfortable and safe during time away from home. As keenly emotional animals canines need patience, love and understanding and we strive to set ourselves apart by championing those values in our work.

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"My boy loves frolicking with Bau's, he comes home exhausted, having socialised, and learnt appropriate dog manners. Often he doesn't even want dinner and snoozes all evening, a happy and content little dog!"

- Cara and Hendrix

Day Play

We offer our Day Play service for dogs who are looking for socialisation in a small supervised group. We have found positive, productive and communicative socialisation to be key in alleviating many obsessive behaviours in dogs, and so our Day Plays are a staple of our many of our behavioural training programs.

For those dogs who might find traditional daycare facilities overwhelming, parks too unstructured or who haven't experienced a wide range of social experiences, we are happy to take it slow and let them mingle at their own pace. With regular Day Play sessions we have seen many dogs come out of their shells and find their confidence.

Day Play is a morning-to-evening service with an included pick-up and drop-off service. Available times vary according to the requirements of your pet and what groups we think will benefit them. Please contact us for a chat about how best we can serve your dog.

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