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Bau's is a small Melbourne based business providing holistic animal care from our home and remotely.

Our range of services including boarding, Bowen therapy, energy healing and training in a number of capacities, are dedicated to helping you and your animal achieve optimal wellbeing.

As the owners of two beloved canines we are passionate about the importance of creating a nurturing, stimulating and comfortable environment for pets and incorporate this mission into all of our services. 

Maddison is trained in bowen therapy, energy healing and canine training methods with almost a decade of experience working with animals. She is the creator and leader of our training programs with a studious dedication to exploring canine training theory and discovering effective approaches. Maddison is passionate about supporting animals through blending science and intuition.

Jordan has enjoyed more than five years in canine care settings beginning his journey in Vancouver, Canada as a kennel supervisor and night manager. Experience in grooming, day-care, and canine training has enriched his understanding of canine communication, emotion and behaviour. Compassion, patience and understanding are his highest values and gaining the respect of a dog is his goal. 


Zap is a one-year-old Sarplaninac with a gentle, curious disposition. Having raised him from a puppy we have always worked to bring out his best behaviours, and are constantly surprised by his natural sense of kindness and patience with other animals. As a guardian breed he shows a natural propensity toward looking out for his pack with a keen alertness dynamic shifts. He is our partner in care, training and supervision of Bau's family and guests. 

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Bella is a ten year old cocker spaniel/flat-coat retriever happy to be an older mentor to others and keep up with the activities of the family and guests. Her intelligence and intuition astounds us daily and as a companion to Maddison in training sessions she provides a calm, confident presence to aid in the learning of our guests and clients. With a love for people and a flare for soliciting belly rubs she is a welcoming and reliable member of the family and business. 

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