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Bau's Training

Reactivity Retraining, Kickstart Training,
Assessing The Dog Park, & Other Programs

Reactivity Retraining 

Understanding behaviours and triggers

Reactivity Retraining is a personalised, gentle, practice-based service for those who have a reactive dog, to support both of you in feeling safe, secure, and confident in interactions with dogs or people. This service involves a uniquely tailored treatment plan developed for you and your dog, to understand, retrain, and integrate reactive behaviours towards other dogs, animals, or humans. 

This service involves gentle, positive reinforcement training methods that are taught to you and your dog, alongside supportive sessions in person, consistent nervous-system-impacting Bowen therapy treatments, reading and practical resources. 

This service is highly individualised, with one on one training sessions with Maddison on a regular basis to ensure significant changes can be made from day one.


Initial assessment and creation of training plan $220 (valued at $335)

6 session package $780 (valued at $990)

Individual sessions $165

"Maddi has provided me and my dog with the skills, understanding and confidence to navigate his reactivity with care. My dog has made huge leaps and bounds of progress since working with Maddi, and I am very grateful for her insight and way of working that keeps us both relaxed.

- Emily and Valen

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Kickstart Training

A head-start for your training

Kickstart Training sessions are available for those who would like a little extra help working with the dog of any age, but are not dealing with reactivity or other behavioural issues. These training sessions are tailor-made for you and your pup, for where you are in your training journey, and for what you would like to achieve. 

These training sessions involve personalised, gentle, positive reinforcement training methods which are taught to both you and your dog through in-person, one-on-one training sessions that provide the opportunity for any questions to be asked. 

Individual sessions $140

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Assessing The Dog Park 

Socialising safely

Our Assessing The Dog Park sessions provide you with insights into how to decipher if your local dog park is a safe, appropriate, enjoyable space for your dog. In these one on one sessions you are guided through understanding and identifying the key markers of dynamic, and appropriate plays between dogs and the markers of inappropriate or unsafe groups on any given day. 

These sessions are rich with information on dog behaviour and give you the opportunity to learn and apply understanding of dog body language which you can then apply to any dog park or space you would like to take your dog!

$30 per session approximately 1 hour long at your local dog park or beach

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Bau's Programs

Our programs will be available online and in person and will be released throughout 2022. A brief description of those planned for this year can be found below, but please reach out if you would like more information before their release.

Puppy Masterclass

This hour and half masterclass will provide you with all the important information you require in raising a well rounded, happy, and well mannered puppy!


With real life examples, information on dog training and handling, understanding of canine body language, and exercises to incorporate into your puppies journey with you. 

This program includes a downloadable video, downloadable pdf content, and upon purchase, you will receive a 25% off voucher for a personalised puppy training session with Maddison.

Arriving March 2022

How to Survive Your Puppy

(without crying too much)

This program delves deeper into raising a puppy, identifying and providing practical support for issues you may face as your puppy develops.


With in-depth looks at each developmental stage for your puppy, including insights and methods of supporting your pup to grow into a well rounded adult. 

This program includes 15 downloadable videos, downloadable pdf content, and 1 in person training session with Maddison valid for a year.

Arriving June 2022

Understanding Your Dog

This program is a deep dive into understanding your dog's behaviour, body language, and insight on tackling some commonly faced behavioural issues.


With supportive and easy to understand language, Maddison will help you understand why your dog does the things it does, with video examples and opportunities for discussions and questions.

You will receive 30 easily digestible downloadable videos, downloadable pdf content, 4 in person sessions for training with Maddison, and access to a facebook group where there will be fortnightly lives as opportunities for questions.

Arriving September 2022

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