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Healing & Wellness

Animal Bowen Therapy, Pet Healing and Free Movement sessions


Bowen Therapy

Healing hands for patient paws

Bau’s Bowen provides canine, feline, and small animal Bowen Therapy to support your pet in achieving optimal wellbeing. Bowen therapy treatments involve the use of gentle and minimal physical manipulation of your pets musculoskeletal and nervous systems, impacting the body on a cellular level. This mobile, in-home treatment, provides a holistic bodywork treatment for your pets specific needs. 

Bowen is able to treat a wide range of issues including: chronic disease or ailments such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, support rehabilitation from injury or surgery even helping to avoid surgery in some cases, provide recalibration of the nervous system for behavioural issues, reduce inflammation and clear toxins in the body through lymphatic drainage, support your pets body as they grow and age, as a preventative method for animals prone to certain issues, and much more.

We always begin Bowen sessions with a detailed history and physical assessment of your pet. Initially two sessions 7 days apart are required to ensure the treatment is working at the highest level. Depending on what we are treating, subsequent sessions can vary in frequency, with some issues requiring maintenance treatments regularly.

Initial Session $90 

Subsequent Sessions $75

""A week after Mac's treatment we took him for some big runs to the beach in Brighton. He ran and swam and played and chased for over an hour - still no limp! The joy in him was just beautiful to watch. You have worked your magic!" 

- Helen and Mac


Free Movement Sessions 
Allowing your dog to find their own rhythm.

Free Movement sessions provide you and your dog the opportunity to experience unencumbered movement, in a safe and secure environment where they can explore their full range of motion. 
It is not always easy to find opportunities for our dogs to experience complete freedom, as not all dogs are suited to a dog park, or recall may be something you’re still working on. 


Our free movement sessions are offered at our home in Balwyn North, where within a completely secure and large space, your dog has the opportunity to run, frolic, explore, and use their body in whatever way they want to. 

We provide different equipment, toys, and other dogs if desired to ensure their experience of movement free of a leash is also and free of stress for you. 

Sessions $20 

Backyard 1.jpg

Pet Healing
Harmony for animals and humans

Our Pet Healing service is provided in the comfort of your own home, and is an opportunity for you and your pet to explore your relationship, connect in a new way and experience insight and healing both individually and together. 


Through various intuitive techniques, including reiki, intuitive guidance, behavioural modifications, physical manipulations, Bowen Therapy, and coaching and knowledge of animal welfare, these treatments aim to effect energetic changes and a deeper understanding between animal and human. 

Individual Sessions $125

"We wanted to thank you, Maddi for the multiple gifts you shared with us during our session. I was in shock , relieved and amazed on so many levels. The session was amazing, you are very gifted, and I think both myself and my pup are feeling the love right now"

- Belinda and Illiya

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